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What our customers say
ED L. in Wallingford, CT
It was all done in one single day! It was fantastic!

Luis A. in Hamden, CT
Excellent roof installation a month after a tornado. Their price was fair. The crew was superb. Neil Jones Jr. supervised effectively the entire process, including...

Mike C. in Middlefield, CT
The staff is very professional, clean, knowledgeable, on time and explained their product well before installing.

Linda T. in Rockfall, CT
I highly recommend Neil Jones Home Improvement. He did a great job.

Alice T. in Durham, CT
Neil Jones Home Improvement LLC is my go-to contractor for all of my home repair and construction needs--both interior and exterior. No job is...

From a customer in East Hampton, CT

Area For Improvement
workmanship was excellent staff was just didn't think it would be delayed till December but they explained the situation to my satisfaction

Alex H. in Canton, CT
Couldn't be happier with the experience

From a customer in Canton, CT

Area Of Satisfaction
Despite several days of rain delays, the project was completed quickly and in line with what was discussed.

From a customer in Durham, CT

Current Referrals
I did give their information to a friend of mine to get roofing work done. I don't know if he called them or not or...

From a customer in Durham, CT

Area Of Satisfaction
I was most satisfied with Neil Jones Home Improvement LLC because they did the job and were respectful. I heard the foreman tell them if...

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